Jeness Cortez

Jenness CortezHomage to Munnings by ©Jenness Cortez


Jenness Cortez – “Homage to the Creative Spirit”
Exquisitely detailed paintings of art in art



Jenness Cortez

Contemporary American realist painter Jenness Cortez is a distinguished figure in the contemporary revival of classical realist painting. She was born in Indiana and exhibited a very early talent for art. As a teenager, she took private lessons with Antonius Raemaekers, a well-trained Dutch-born painter and superb teacher whose early instruction continues
to influence her work.

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“It makes my heart sing. After more than five decades of involvement in the art world, this simple statement, made by a friend while looking at a splendid Monet painting, brought into bright clarity the way to know the genuine article–a real work of art. The paintings of Jenness Cortez make my heart sing.”  –– Robert Yassin

“Mona Lisa” Re-imagined
by Jenness Cortez

After a year of scholarly research, internationally acclaimed artist Jenness Cortez announced her completion of a new painting that depicts Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” masterpiece as she believes it appeared at completion in the early 16th century. Commissioned by a private American collector, the Cortez work is said to incorporate several compositional elements from the recently restored Prado Museum copy.


Cortez Book

BY KAREN POPE, PhD –– For centuries artists have been challenging their intellects and skills by paying homage to the painters who preceded them. Jenness Cortez has emerged as the twenty-first century’s most notable exponent of this facet of art history. Her masterful work gives Cortez solid footing in the colorful lineage of artists who have appropriated vintage images and woven them into their own distinctive, recognizable fabric.