"Home on the Range" by Jenness Cortez ©2016-17


© by Jenness Cortez –

Acrylic on mahogany panel, 34 by 41 inches

Homage to:
Frank Tenney Johnson (1874-1939)
“Somewhere on the Range” (Amended by Jenness Cortez, 1944- )

Henry Farney (1847-1916)
“Days of Long Ago” private collection

Charles Marion Russell (1864-1926)
“In the Wake of the Buffalo Runners” private collection
“Mountain Mother” bronze sculpture, The Petrie Collection

Alexander Phimister Proctor (1860-1950)
“The Spirit of the Pioneer Mother” bronze sculpture, Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Charles Schreyvogel (1861-1912)
“The Last Drop” bronze sculpture, Gerald and Kathleen Peters collection

Kachina (left) Hopi c.1900, private collection
Kachina (right) Early Hopi “Salaka Mana” private collection
Chinese vase, Northern Song Dynasty (960-1279), private collection
Navajo Chief’s blanket c.1900, private collection

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